Where Wales and England Meet


On our last day out in Bangor we headed over to the city of Chester, England. Right across the border with Wales, Chester is a city with an amazingly rich history. It’s fortified walls, originally built by the Romans, have seen two wars and many of the shops in Chester have glass-plated holes in their floor where you can see bits and pieces of old roman store rooms and bath houses.

Being that some of Chester’s suburbs actually lie in Wales they also have some of the most absurd and racist laws that are still on the books. Apparently, in Chester it is still punishable by death to be a Welshmen caught in the city after dark. Obviously new laws have superseded these old ones though.

Below are some photos of our trip to Chester including some photos from City Perk cafe which shares it’s name with the cafe from Friends and also has a sick orange couch modeled after the one in the show.





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